Tuesday, May 27

Weekend of Fun

I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was very nice, actually.
Friday night, I had the girls come over for our monthly craft night. I decided that once a month, we'd all hang out and do a little sewing, scrapbooking or crafting. I hosted our first get-together, and the evening's project was tutu making.

We used this awesome tutorial and, really, it was pretty easy.

Well, actually, I stunk at making tutus, but everyone else had an easy time.

Here I am working on a tutu for a birthday party I was taking the kiddos to the next morning.

We joked on how we felt we were wearing HUGE garters. You have to wear the elastic band around your thigh, because it aids in the knot tying, unless you are me of course. My knots stunk.
And Sara teased me about the whole garter look, as I rushed up the stairs mid tutu creation, to help out the little mister who was in his room screaming. Don't you love those two year molars? (and yes, I did rush, but I also stopped to pose....okay?)

I don't have a picture of my finished tutu, but I do have a picture of Sara's. Her tutus came out beautifully, don't you think? (I stole this photo from her blog, SHHHHHHHHHH!)

Saturday morning, it was off to a shower and birthday party at my best friend's parents' house. And my best friend, who lives out of state, was there too. It was soooooo wonderful to see her.
She is one of my photographer friends, so I left the picture snapping to her. So, I am sure to have some great pictures from that day by the end of this week or next. So you will just have to be patient, okay?
I did take one picture of my handsome baby boy. Isn't he just a doll? That smile of his, it just melts my heart.

Yesterday was my hubby's 29th birthday. And in celebration of him now being an old fart, we went to see Indiana Jones. We ended up taking all of the kids. The mister had trouble sitting still during the first half, so I found myself walking around the arcade with him for awhile. But during the second half, he did much better. My miss, whose daddy indoctrinated her into the world of Indiana Jones a few months ago, enjoyed this one. She did get quite scared in parts, though, and buried her head into her daddy's arm several times.
The baby just slept the whole time. So, he was very easy.
I wish there hadn't been so much language in the film, especially since my younger ones were there. And, if my miss hadn't been such an Indiana Jones fan, we probably would have seen the movie without the kids in tow. But anyway, it was a great film and you should see it. :o)

So, there you have it. I hope you all have a Splendid week.