Thursday, May 8

Why Pepsi Almost Came Out OF My Nose

My general manager at the hotel I work at, was still here when I got to work this evening and she was watching her nine year old nephew for a few hours here at work, while trying to finish up her paperwork and get out of here. She had been here since 6:30 A.M. My shift started at 5:00 P.M.

Her nephew was just getting into everything and bored and making her crazy.
He was trying to pick locks with paperclips and he would go outside and place his face against the window that was right by her desk, and make random faces.
He really wanted to go home, I think.

So when he came back inside, I started talking to him a bit. I was hoping he'd leave his Aunt alone for awhile so that she could go home for the night. She looked so very tired. So we talked about school and things like that. He let me know that he was in 4th grade. And I told him that I had really liked 4th grade, but not 5th or

Anyway, so then I asked him what he got his mom for mother's day...

And as he was answering, I was drinking my Pepsi that my wonderful hubby brought home for me, along with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, which I also brought to work with me and will eat in its entirety sometime tonight. (Sorry off topic)

So I asked him what he got for his mom.

He said to me... Well, I found a shirt in the back of her closet that she hasn't worn in like 5 years. I put it in a nice bag for her. She'll think it's new.

And, I almost spit my pepsi out all over the front desk....I was laughing so hard.

My GM said that he had actually bought her some things with his dad....but he kept insisting that he wrapped up that shirt of hers...

maybe he did both.