Friday, May 30

Will you still need me, When I'm 64........

I am a total people watcher. I love to not only watch people, but to try to imagine what their lives are like. What are they struggling with? What makes them happy? What trials have they been through?

Working at a hotel, I get to observe many people. Most are tired from travelling. A few are very friendly and love to chit chat with the bored front desk girl.
And many, are not so nice.

And then, there is the cute old couple. They walk into the hotel at around the same time each night. As they head to the elevator, he gently takes her hand. They walk slowly together, both with genuine smiles on their faces. He then guides her to the side of the door that leads to the elevator, and opens it for her. They are just so fun to watch, and so adorable.

I wonder how many years they have been married. What trials have they been through together? Was there ever a time when they regretted being married to one another?
How long have they been as happy as they are today?
Do they have children? Did they ever lose any children?
What things in their lives brought them close together as a couple?
Were there any things that ever drove them apart?
What were their happiest moments?
How did he propose to her?
How did they meet?

I would love to just know their story.

But for now, I'll just settle for what I do see.
They are the happy couple who perhaps have grown old together and still take the time to walk lovingly hand in hand.

I hope to be that way with my husband when I am old and gray.