Tuesday, May 13

Always Remember.....

Here are things I hope I never forget:

The way the miss twirls around in her dresses and then runs to put on her dress shoes, so that she can tap dance in the kitchen.

The way the mister looks at me with his big blue eyes and then gently presses his forehead against mine as he smiles.

The way the baby smiles at me and goos to me when I come home from work in the evenings.

The mister's walk. He swings his right arm in the cutest way.

The miss' obsession with Jesus being in the clouds, driving a cloud car and how badly she wants to be in the clouds with him.

The baby's cute awwww sound he makes, when he tries to sneeze, and it doesn't quite come out.

The miss' plea for me to sing, "You Are My Sunshine" to her every night.

The mister's open mouthed, wet kisses.

The baby's soft skin and heavenly scent.

The miss' stick figure drawings where everyone has long legs and no arms.

The mister's love of, "If You're Happy and You Know It" and the way he points to his eye or sticks his finger up his nose, instead of placing it to the side of his mouth during.."your face will surely show it."

The way the baby looks up at me with his denim eyes, while nursing. And the way his little fingers stroke my back.

The way the miss says gugglegum.

The mister's laugh when he is tickled.

The baby's new smiles.

The smile the miss gets when she accomplishes something.

The mister's dancing...spinning in circles with his hands up.

The baby's little feet.

The miss' songs she always seems to sing at around 5:00. It's like her music hour.

The way the mister sweetly comes to you, and rests his head on your shoulder, when you ask him to give you cuddles.

The little noises the baby makes when he really wants to eat.

The miss' love of Indiana Jones movies and "Power" of the rings movies.

The way the mister says, "woooaaaahhh" when he stumbles.

The baby's first laugh.

The way the hyper miss will stop running around and sweetly ask to be held or cuddled, every so often.

The way the mister makes sure everyone prays at dinnertime.

The way the baby wraps his hands around my arm at night when we are sleeping.