Monday, April 23

Not Ready Yet

Well, it's Monday morning. All of my day care kiddos are gathered around the table eating breakfast and getting angry at each other for calling each other yaks. Yes, really.....they keep calling each other yaks. And then whining for the other person to stop calling them that. And all I want to do is crawl back into bed. I am not ready for it to be morning just yet. And I am not ready to have 5 kids in my kitchen whining about yaks.
Usually Mondays go well. I am ready to tackle the day. Usually Tuesdays are the hard days. But there is something about today...I just have a feeling it will be tough. So Tiff, pray for me okay? And when the kiddos sit to watch their morning movie, I think I am going to spend some time with God and that will help me tremendously.

The weekend was good. I was horribly tired yesterday. I slept all afternoon, it seemed. Apparently I needed it. On Saturday, I went to this awesome hair cutting place out here designed for kids with a huge, and I mean HUGE play area. They also cut and color mom's hair as well while the kids play. So I got a much needed highlight and also a little bit different style then I am used to getting. It's growing on me. But I am not used to it just yet. I have some bangs...not across my forhead bangs...but on the side a bit. Kinda like...Reese in this picture...

The miss got her hair cut too and it looks really cute. I'll try to post a picture of the both of us at some point this week. Well, I have to run for now and tame the wild beasts.