Thursday, April 26

I'm in Love, or Maybe Lust.

So, I am taking my day care kiddos to the zoo tomorrow. I had reserved a minivan, since I can't fit 5 car seats in my blazer, and since I am going with Tiff, she had planned on driving my baby boy in her van.

So I went tonight to pick up my reserved rental to find that they didn't have any vans left, even though I called this morning to double check that they did in fact have my vehicle, I just had a feeling.

So, they then told me that they had a Ford Escape that was comparable. I went to that vehicle and it was the same size as a blazer, which I already have. That definitely wasn't going to work.

So, I voided that rental and went over to Budget. I was thankfully at the airport, since it is the closest rental car area by me. So I had every rental car company right there at my disposal. So Budget had 5 different types of minivans. I told her that I would just take the Caravan, since that was what I was going to get at Enterprise, because I knew it could hold the five car seats. She said..."FIVE CAR SEATS?!?!?!? I'll tell you what, I'll give you a Suburban for the same price. It will be roomier."

(I just realized I have started each paragraph with the word so...I do that a lot.)

So Anyway, I went to my Suburban and WOW! I am in love. It is an '07. It has leather seats and it even has a DVD player. The kids will love that tomorrow. It's gorgeous....and it looks and smells so clean. I told my hubby that we should skip town. Ya know, change the plates and make a run for it, grand theft auto style. LOL. I guess driving the pretty Suburban will be my reward for taking 6 kids, 4 and under, to the zoo.