Wednesday, April 11

An AI Post

So, I posted this on my Myspace blog..and thought I'd post it here for you as well.
So, some of you have asked me what happened to my weekly idol posts. As some of you know, I love the show and even contemplated auditioning for it once. Anyway, the truth of the matter is, I don't have any desire to watch it this season...and that was actually before I ever saw the contestants. I think once the top 12 made it, I watched it one night, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything...and I was in shock at how bad most everyone was. I liked Gina, Blake, Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin, but wasn't really impressed by anyone. Since then I have only watched it one other time...and that was to see Gwen perform.

But, I watched the performances on youtube just now to humor some of you. And really and truly, these people are lucky to be on this season, because quite frankly, there is no competition. Yes, Melinda, Jordin, Lakisha and Blake are good...but I don't think any of them would be in the top 3 had they been in any other season. They wouldn't have made it.

So here are my thoughts on last night's performances....oh and I don't think I watched anyone's performance all the way through, because that would be torture. I maybe watched 45 seconds of each performance.

Melinda - She's cute...she's a sweet girl and she has a pretty voice. She had great stage presence, but it was still boring to me.

Jordin - She was good. She is a talented young girl. But the song was too slow and she looked like she was trying too hard to sing. She wasn't into it. She should have been having fun on the stage.

Lakisha- Again, another gal with a good voice. But it's nothing spetacular to me. And with the song she was singing, she should have been doing a salsa dance on stage. It was a bit boring to me.

Blake- I really like this guy's moves...really. He has that Justin Timberlake dancing style about him. I thought he did a good job. I do like his voice.

Chris- I don't like him at all. I didn't watch much of him, to be honest. He was boring and off-key. How is it that he is still in it and Gina isn't?????

Haley- Or better yet, how is it that this girl is still here? All she did was sing.."Oh--yeah" the entire time. And my goodness...the outfit!!! I think she thinks that her appearance is her only hope right now. Kinda sad.

Phil - He really has a gorgeous tone...but he needs training. He was off a lot and again another boring performance.

And last and least...Sanjaya- Nobody understands the mystery of Sanjaya and how on earth he even made it to the top 24...let alone top 8. He picked a GORGEOUS SONG and had no tone and no pitch. I loved watching Jennifer Lopez sing some of it with him though before his performance. What she sang of the song was beautiful. That song has just too much meaning to be sung by Sanjaya.

And once again I have realized why it is that I am not watching idol this season. Honestly, I think K-Fed would have had a shot for the top 3 if he was a contestant this season!