Monday, April 9

I May Be Praying Every Second Today

So, early this morning, my little miss got angry because she wasn't getting her way. And when it first started, she began talking while gritting her teeth. She then was squeezing her fists together and tensing up her whole body. She finally looked at me and with much anger, informed me that she hated me. I felt bad seeing her display her anger in that way, because it is learned behavior. I tense up, I shout some times and I grit my teeth when I am angry. I don't want my child having an ulcer by the age of ten. So, I am going to end this TODAY!

After sitting in her room for a few minutes for telling me that she hated me, I explained to her what it means when we say that we hate people. I also told her that mommy doesn't do a good job controlling her anger sometimes and that I want to be loving and gentle and that she should be too. I told her that it is okay to be angry, but acting mean when we are angry isn't okay. And then we prayed. We prayed for God to help us to be patient, loving and gentle. I told her that anytime she is angry, she should pray for God to help her to be gentle and that I would do the same thing.

A few minutes later, we were both angry again. She was angry because she wanted to play and I wanted her to sit down for lunch. I was angry because she was fighting me. So, I grabbed her hands and we prayed. And I am going to continue to pray each time I am angry. And hoepfully, soon, my new example will wipe away the older, meaner example.