Sunday, April 15

The Miss' Day

We dubbed yesterday the Miss' day, because she had such a special Saturday. In the morning we took her to a free children's hands on festival where she got to go to different booths and make crafts and play games.

She had so much fun. As we were leaving, we noticed a playground adjacent to the community center where the event was held, so we went down to it and played around for a bit. She had so much fun. And it was her first time swinging on a swing all by herself....where she pumped her legs. She kept saying, straight, bend, straight, bend. It was cute.

We found a huge boulder of a snowball in the playground. It was one of the only reminders left that it had snowed all day Friday. She tried to push it and it was stinking cute.

Last night, the miss went to her father daughter dance at the nearby army base. It was for all armed services. And WOW, did she have herself a wonderful time. Here she is before leaving for her dance.

Hubby said that she danced alllllll night long and never gave him a break. She was twirling, running all around and loved doing the chicken dance song. At one point hubby went to ask someone about the memory DVD that would be available to all families who attended, and the miss kept hollering that she wanted to go and dance. She was all smiles when she got home. There was a studio taking pictures at the dance, BUT hubby and little miss never got to have one taken because the lines were always sooo long and the miss wasn't about to stand in a line when there was a dance floor calling her name.
But we will get a memory DVD of the event in a couple of weeks. So, hopefully we'll be able to see her on there.

On Friday night, I went over to Tiff's and got my quilt top sewn together. So all I have left to do are my borders and backing. I think it will be done in just a couple more days and then I can start on a Tinkerbell quilt for the miss. I also bought a sewing machine yesterday and I love it. LOVE IT!!!!!!
Anyway, here is the quilt top, but please remember it IS NOT DONE YET. Once the borders are on, it will look finished, obviously.

My goal was to finish it last night, but unfortunately, the mister didn't let me anywhere near the sewing machine. Oh well. It will be done soon.