Tuesday, June 19

So, for some reason, I seem to be one of those people that other people, who don't know me, like to talk to about their life. And it's always at times when I really don't have time to talk.
Like the morning I ran to the Walgreens by my house at 6:45 A.M., 20 minutes before day care kiddos would arrive, to purchase much needed items, diapers, wipes, formula, milk, string cheese, bread...and so forth. After waiting for a few minutes for a cashier, I was finally helped. Except when the 30 something year old man noticed the formula, he began talking to me about his baby. He began to tell me all of the words that his 17 month old could say. But, after mentioning a few, you know the mama, dada, more.....he got stuck trying to think of the others. And for some reason, he couldn't ring up my groceries and think of the words his daughter is speaking at the same time, so he stood there frozen, with an item in his hands waiting to be scanned, as he thought and thought. AHA..he remembered. Sadly, I don't. My item was scanned and he grabbed the next one. But wait, there is another word that she says. And the thought process again continued. This went on for each item. And the only thing I did to at all gave him a hint that I really couldn't listen to his story right now, was to eye the clock right above him. The clock that was telling me that it was 7:00 A.M. and I needed to get home.

Okay, so maybe that situation is pretty common. I am sure many cashiers start yapping away as they are ringing up groceries.

But this afternoon, during lunchtime, the Pizza Hut delivery man came to my door. I had ordered pizza for myself for lunch...and for the hubby and I to possibly have for dinner too. All of the day care kids were sitting around the kitchen table finishing up their lunches and about ready for nap. So, it was a bit of a busy time. After giving me my pizza, I handed him back the wrong slip and when he brought it to my attention, I apologized and told him that I am surrounded by kids and it turns my brain to mush. And to that he replied with a huge long story about his daughter who is at her Aunt's house and lost her birth certificate and it was made by social services to add his name on as the father. And that he was stuck right now because the one at the hospital doesn't have his name on it and now he can't take his daughter anywhere, because it would be kidnapping. And he has to pay a ton of money now to get the courts to make a new birth certificate and so forth and so forth and he is stressed.

Listening to his story made me feel bad for thinking that my days are stressful. But again, another stranger telling me about their life. And really, I like talking to other people, but there are just times when I really can't..and both of those times just weren't good for me.