Thursday, June 7

Butterfly Kisses Blog Designs

So, it's in the works. I am starting up a blogger design business. At this time, I can only do blogger templates.
My primary goal is to work with you to create a design that shows off your personality, that gives the readers a little more insight into who you are. I will work with you and give you a lot of the control. You suggest color schemes, the quote, verse or words you may want in your header image, and some suggestions on a theme. I will then send your way up to three header images for you to choose from and from there, the rest of your layout will fall into place.
I will also make your template easy to understand, so that you will be able to go into your template to add things into your sidebars. I will also send with each completed template, a document that describes how to add to and change things in your sidebars as well as other html tips and tricks.
I want to make your blog site something that you love and I want you to be so very happy with it.
I will do the personalized design for $45.00.
If you are interested, email me.