Thursday, June 21

Busy Bee

So, I am going to be busy again starting today, but it's fun stuff and I am excited. I am currently working on my best friend's wedding photography site. Her current site has been under construction and some of her clients have been complaining, so my goal is to have the most important pages done by this weekend, so that she can get a new site up and running with just a couple of pages, not important ones, under construction for another week.

I also have 4 wonderful people who are having me design their blogger templates for them and it's fun getting started in that. I have one to finish this weekend, another by the middle of July and another by the end of july...and then the final one by the beginning of August. And my photoshop class starts up in 2 weeks and then after that finishes, I take an advanced scripting and flash class. So it's all so fun, but time consuming.

So, just letting you all know, everything here is fine, I just have a lot of stuff going on. But at least it's stuff I enjoy doing. It makes it fun!