Wednesday, June 6


Do any of you have experience with problems with low blood sugar? Does it have to be due to hypoglycemia, or can you have low blood sugar sometimes and problems associated with it, without having hypoglycemia or diabetes? I've never been diagnosed with either.
The reason I ask, is on Saturday I got sick and I thought maybe I was dehydrated or that it was due to the fact that I went a long while without eating anything. Usually I snack and eat many times throughout the day.
This morning, I woke up and again feel very similar to how I felt Saturday. I feel weak, lightheaded and I have mild stomach upset. I feel like I may pass out. I have sipped on water and I am eating some cereal. Should I just drink juice?
I've had experiences like this before...but usually if it occurs, it's once every couple months or so. But it seems like this episode is so close to the previous one. Or maybe they are unrelated.
Just curious to see if anyone has any input.
Usually when I feel like this, my symptoms are first and foremost, feeling weak like I want to pass out....right now I have mild stomach upset....sometimes I'll have a headache.
I just want to sit in my chair and rock. Something about rocking is comforting, huh?

Thanks for your input!