Monday, June 25

Hot House and Busted Water Heater

Oh my, people. It has been 88 - 90 degrees in our house most days. I am roasting. Sometimes it's cooler outside than inside, but not always. We have an evap cooler that also has a vent option, but when we turn the water on to use it as an evap cooler, it leaks everywhere, because the tubing or something is busted. The hubby plans on working on it this weekend, but he has no clue what he is doing or should do. We can keep the vent on, which puts some cool air in the house, mainly at night, though. So, during the day, it's horribly, horribly hot.

Last week, I noticed that our water heater seemed to be leaking more water than usual and over the weekend, I noticed that the carpeting all around the closet that the heater was in was pretty soaked. Yesterday, the hubby fooled around with it and attached a hose to it and put the other end into the sink in the bathroom downstairs, in the basement. It worked well, but last night when we were sleeping, the hose moved and the bathroom floor was pretty flooded. Thankfully it's tile.

The hubby's boss did give us a brand new water heater several months ago. He had purchased a new home and the water heater that came with it was just too small for his large house, so he bought a new one and gave us his other one. Which is so wonderful, because we are already going to pay $600 or so to have it installed. I guess it has to pass a safety inspection and there are some older parts of the pipes and what not that need to be replaced. We also have to take the door that leads to the basement off.

The basement is finished and is my day care play room. It's nice to close the door during nap time, but they should sleep anyway, even without a door there anymore, I hope. But It scares me not having a door there, because it's a lot of stairs and even with a gate up, I am worried that the mister will play, lean on the gate. Obviously I will have to watch him closely or not let him over there.

We still had a bit of money left over from the tax return, so thankfully, we won't be looking for how to pay for the water heater installation. They came to do it today, but we need different parts, so it may be a few days. They did hook it up temporarily for us, it's just not in the pass "inspection" mode yet. But it will serve it's purpose in allowing us to take hot showers and what not.

So, that was my eventful day. They didn't come to work on it until almost 5:00. They were scheduled to come at 3:00. And so the day care kids couldn't play down there at all today, because we had the hose going across the room down there and stuff. So it was a hectic day, trying to keep them in the upstairs portion of the house. We did lots of crafts, play-doh time, painting, a movie and even a little math lesson. The kids did really well.

Well, I am off to finish my first blog layout for my new blog design business. I am so excited and I think it will look really nice.

Good night.