Tuesday, June 5

In Other Words

"What used to make us stumble, God can use to make us stand.
What once made us bow our heads in shame,
He can use for His glory."

~ Joanna Weaver~
Having a Mary Spirit

I admit it, I have done some terrible things in my lifetime. Okay, so we aren't talking murder, stealing..or real law breaking things, but I have done things that I am ashamed of...that I don't want to watch replayed during my time of judgement with God. I know they are forgiven, but ya know, sometimes I feel bad that they ever happened.
But you know what??? I have already been able to use those things for God's glory. Those moments are part of my testimony. They do show others where I was at one time and where I am today and how I grew from it. It allows for those doing the same things now, to be able to relate to me and to maybe learn a little from my stories.

Also, another event in my life that I know God will use someday, He is just still working on us and preparing it my marriage. I almost ended my marriage with my hubby. I was ready to divorce him...but I didn't. And ya know what, in the two years since then, I have already seen how God has been working in we have been growing and how God is preparing us to use it to glorify Him. And I do know, without a doubt, that someday, we will minister to young married couples, to those who are contemplating divorce, to those who are in the same boat we once were in. And I think it's incredible. I am blessed.

We aren't perfect..we are sinners....and sometimes we want to bow our heads in shame over some of the ways we've gone against God..for some of the selfish things we've done..for the hurt we've caused others....BUT...we can take the bad and turn it into something sooooo good.

"It is the crushed rose that gives off the sweetest fragrance"
- Tony Corzine