Saturday, April 12

My Blogaversary (100 Things) Installment 2

32. I am horrible at returning videos and library books on time. In fact, I probably owe the library money right now.
I really need to get better at that!

33. I love Vitamin Water's Vital-T. In fact, a friend of mine told me today that I need to go to Vital-Tholics anonymous.
I can down two in under 15 minutes. And would drink maybe 6 a day, if I had that many in my house at one time.

34. My friend, Tiff, has also gotten me hooked on Sweet Tea. And hers is mighty yummy!

35. I've gotten many compliments on my cooking and baking lately, and that makes me very happy! I looove to bake!

36. In the Bible, Paul's writings are my favorite.

37. I LOVE Beth Moore's Bible Studies. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

38. I say Jeez Oh Pete when I am angry, stressed or think something is silly. And I say it soooo many times in one day. I also say, Seriously???? a lot too.

39. My daughter has also started to say, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!, often, because of me. When the mister is doing something that she doesn't like, she'll say, come on now, seriously!

40. The Matterhorn is my favorite ride at Disneyland.

41. I've been to the Grand Canyon more times than I can count on one hand. That's what happens when you spend a lot of your childhood in Arizona and have relatives visit you from out of state.
I never did hike down it or anything. Maybe that would have made it more enjoyable.

42. I've only gone camping, like real camping, one time. I really want to go more often. And I hope that once our kids are a tad bit older, we can make a yearly camping trip tradition.

43. I pronounce, syrup, Sear-up. Apparently that makes me strange. My hubby and his family all say it as Sir-up. How do you say it?

44. I make tons of typos, if you hadn't already noticed. And I spell things wrong all of the time....but I know better. So, I usually read my posts over and over again to hopefully find all of my dumb mistakes.

45. I love the Cosby show. I would love to own all of the seasons of it. I think I have season 1 on DVD. I want to be as awesome of a parent as Bill Cosby's character was on that show.

46. I had two pet bunnies as a kid, Floppy and Snowball. I used to hold Snowball in my arms while I would swing on our swing set. It probably scared her to death.

47. I am horrible at math. I am looking forward to when my kids start needing help with their math homework, because I'll get to learn it all over again with them. Maybe after assisting them over the years, I'll become a math wiz. One can hope.

48. I am NOT a bath person. I looove showers and find them to be more relaxing. I think it's because I have a hard time just sitting still. I get bored in a bath.

49. So far, based on what I have tasted, I don't like wine!

50. I love white flesh peaches. They are the yummiest fruit EVER!