Tuesday, April 15

Idol Top 7

Alrighty here goes....

1. David A.- "Believe" - I actually really liked his performance. He may have wowed me tonight, finally!

2. Carly - "Without You" - I love her dress, so cute! Randy said that the beginning was bad, but that he loved the middle and end. I actually disagree. I think the beginning was gorgeous. She had me entranced in the song. I was very impressed. But once she started with the higher notes, and swelled and everything, she lost me. But it was still an incredible vocal performance.

3. Sayesha -"Vanishing" - Very beautiful vocal. It was a very controlled performance. She also has such a gorgeous smile, doesn't she? If I had to critique it at all, I'd just say that she breathes out at the beginning of the first note in each phrase, and it wastes very valuable breath.
I really like her, but she did pick a song that not many people know, and it could hurt her, as Simon said, even though her performance was great!

4. Brooke - "Hero" - I am worried for Brooke tonight, in that she may go home. I know the judges liked her singer/songwriter performance, but honestly, I wish she hadn't played the piano while singing tonight. It almost seemed like she had to concentrate so much on playing, that she didn't connect with the audience. And she rushed the end pretty badly. But, I still LOVE her.

5. Kristy - "Forever" - Okay, I am about to say something that I didn't think I would ever say in regards to Kristy...are you ready? WOW! I was finally impressed by Kristy. She did a GREAT job. And it was pitchy in parts, but she always is pitchy in every performance. Oh,and her hair looked soooo pretty!

6. David Cook -"Always Be My Baby" - Wow, he has such a talent and such an ear. This wasn't my favorite changed up song that he's done, but it was still really, really good. I thought, maybe it would have sounded better in a different key....I dunno. Oh, and I wasn't a fan of the background vocals. I think it should have just been him singing. He shows what a musical genius he is though. And I have decided that I want him to win!
Awwww...he got teary eyed.

7. Jason - Okay...Please Jason, BREATHE!!!
E..I didn't really like it much...or at all. I think he may have saved Brooke from going home.
How can Simon like Jason's performance and not Carly's?

Best of the night - Vocally, David A.....but David C in a very close second for his originality

Going Home - Jason