Tuesday, April 8

American Idol Top 8

So, we all know that nobody will be eliminated tomorrow, right?
Well, at least last year they didn't eliminate anyone on Idol Gives Back night.

Anyway, I think I disagreed with most of the things the judges said tonight. It was weird. The people I thought were good, the judges weren't too pleased with. And the people I thought were just okay, the judges praised.

So here goes...

Michael Johns- I think he did great. He showed off his range. He got the audience into it. He's a great performer. The judges didn't like it, but, well, I did. :oP

Sayesha - I feel so bad for this girl, she just can't win. The judges never seem too pleased with her. They were correct in that she didn't really connect emotionally, but of course Fantasia had an emotional connection to the song, it was the finals song..I mean, come on!!
I thought that there were some parts, where the song seemed too big for her. But there were other parts where it was flawless and gorgeous. And that note at the end.......WOW! She has incredible range. According to her q&a on the idol website, she hasn't really had vocal training. I think that with some awesome training, she'd be AMAZING. She has the chops, she does.

Jason Castro - I just knew when he said he was singing, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, that he'd do the version that he did. And, really I didn't like it. He really, REALLY needs to learn how to breathe properly while singing. He hardly opens his mouth, and it really bothers me. I am nitpicky, huh? Sorry. He still looks like he is making "exhaling cigarette smoke faces" at the end of his notes. I was thinking, during his performance, that I wouldn't buy a cd of his. He does have a nice voice, but it isn't good enough to win the competition.

Kristy Lee - Okay, I wasn't impressed with her performance at all. I thought her arrangement was weird, well in the beginning. I thought the verses weren't sung well and she was pitchy. But I am biased, because I love Martina. She had some showy moments where she belted and it was pretty. But I still don't think she should make it much farther. And I don't think it was her best performance and I don't think it was as GREAT as the judges said it was.

David Cook - So I do like Our Lady Peace, but I am not sure I liked his take on their song, Innocent. It was weird how he started the verse singing higher and then went low suddenly. I really wish that in the chorus, that the background vocals weren't so loud. It was almost as if they overpowered him at times. I loved the last 4 notes of the song. I do really like him, and I don't think this performance will be the end of the road for him. He'll make it much further. I really wanted to be wowed, but it was just okay.

Carly - I loved her hair, I did. You know, she sounded great. I do think she looked angry, as the judges said, and I also think parts of the song got away from her. But the parts of the song that were good, were GREAT! She has a gorgeous voice. It was almost too theatrical though, and I really expected Simon to say that.

David A. - A beautiful song, but I still have yet to be wowed by David A. I know he has a huge fan base, and I am probably an odd one out, not being too thrilled by him, but I'm not. I think he is nasaly, as Simon said. He is a sweetie though, he's got a great personality that comes through in his performances. But he also sometimes seems to lack the confidence during his songs. I think one of these nights he needs to just lose himself in the song, then I think I'd be wowed.

Brooke - She will always be one of my favorites, even when her performance isn't anything spectacular. She is so genuine, so real....and a bit emotional, and her emotions pour through in her singing. She seemed choked up tonight, maybe due to who was in the audience...and it did come out though while she was singing and almost made it appear that her voice was a little tired or something. But it was still very pretty. I think next week, she needs to be more showy though. The last few weeks, she has just been, you know?

I really don't think I have a favorite tonight. Nobody really impressed me. And I do think Kristy needs to go home, I really do. :o(

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