Thursday, April 24

Idol Top 6 ( A couple days late)

So I didn't do my idol post. I wasn't in the mood to on Tuesday night. The performances bugged me and I was unmotivated. I am starting to get fed up with the top peeps in idol, I dunno.
Anyway, I must say that I CRACKED up, when Andrew Lloyd Weber made the comment about how he never pictured a male singing Memory, esepcially one in Dreadlocks. That was so stinking funny. And Jason was so stinking terrible, how on earth did he NOT make it into the bottom 2? Who are his fans, and why?
He should have sang something from Joseph, that would have fit him. But I guess it didn't really matter, since he was safe.

And Brooke...I am getting upset with her now. She was one of my favorites, but lately, I haven't been impressed. I did, however, love her dress. In fact I spent a good 30 minutes, trying to find it online, because I WANT IT.
I did find it, although they changed hers up a bit...they made Brooke's more modest. I like how Brooke wore it. And I loved how she wore a purple belt with it.
Anyway, the dress is by Alice + Olivia, and it's only $396. So, who wants to buy it for me????

Anyway, Brooke as well should have been in the bottom 2, but she was safe.

Carly was FANTASTIC and so was Syesha. In fact Syesha was stinking adorable. It was a shame to see Carly go home last night. She is so talented.

David A. was pretty good. His version was a bit odd, but he did well. And David Cook, well he has a great range, huh? The high note he hit in Music of the Night, gorgeous!!!!!

The finals better be both Davids.

So there you have it. Now go buy me that dress, and a purple belt to go with it. Thanks. :o) (they have it at Saks)