Saturday, April 12

Fashion Fiesta

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So, we interrupt the blogaversary posts to bring you the Fun Fashion Fiesta post. I love alliterations.

She wants to see what we wear on a daily basis. What kind of clothes make up our wardrobe. And what do we not own yet, that we want to...and if we had all the money in the world to blow on clothes, what would we buy.

So, here goes.

First of all, I love grapic tees especially vintagey ones. The shirt I have on today is such a tee, and I tried to get a pic of it, but it didn't quite come out very well. But I'll post it anyway.

Here's another example of the vintage tee look...and I don't own this YET..but I may..cuz it's in my price range. :o)
This one is at Target

And many Christian Tees are looking pretty vintage too...I love the ones by Know Him, NOTW and Ezekial.....and if I had money to blow, I'd buy tons of these....
Here's an example of one I'd like to own..

I think I am noticing a trend...there are birds in all three tees. Hmmmmmmm. :o)

Here's a few more Christian tees...

I have found my favorite graphic tees at Old Navy and American Eagle. I love AE's Aerie line. They also have some other cute tops at American Eagle that I would like to own soon.

So, what do I actually wear ALL OF THE TIME??? Well...that would be..
SO Jeans and my black boots

But once summer rolls around, I'll be in flip flops most days! :o)

Oh and one of my most favorite shirts, is this one.....

It spreads the word about Invisible organization helping the kids in Northern Uganda.... you can check them out Here

So there you have it!

Oh, and if I had tons of mula to spend, I'd buy These 7 for all mankind jeans I mean they are only almost $200.00.

And I'd get This $250 Juicy dress

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