Saturday, April 19


Well the miss had her daddy daughter dance this afternoon. We had quite the time trying to do her hair in an updo with curls. The curls I did didn't hold. I think it was due to the size of my curling iron and her hair being so fine.
So I made it work, and had her sport the tiara I wore on my wedding day, to hide the flawed 'do.
She did inform me when she got back from the dance that all the girls had curls in their hair except for her. :o(
But I told her that she was the only one in a princess crown, so that is much cooler than curls.
She had a wonderful time and made her daddy stay on the dance floor for most of the dance. But near the end, she befriended another little girl, and the two of them decided to dance the day away together.
And the miss and her daddy won the grand prize in the door prize drawings, so that was very exciting, indeed.
So here are some pics of the miss after getting ready for the dance.

That Masquerade mask, I made it for her, since it was a masquerade theme. It took a bagillion sequins and a couple of hours, but I think it came out beautifully.
I used This template and changed it to print at 85%.
Then I cut the mask out onto cardstock and decorated it.
Here are two more fun masquerade links for the kiddos:
Papier Mache mask for kids
and an online masquerade dress up game