Tuesday, April 15

My Blogaversary (100 Things) Installment 4

71. I have a lot of old jingles stored in my memory, like some of the McDonald's ones from the 80's.

72. I destroy PC's, I do. So keep me away from yours. I am actually currently using one, because my Mac runs way too slowly. But, I do prefer Mac over PC, just so you know.

73. I would totally play on a powder puff football team. That would be so much fun. I can throw a spiral, but my aim is pretty off.

74. I can't wait to get the okay to work out from my midwife. Mainly because it would be a nice break from the kiddos and it's fun.

75. I HATE pickles.

76. I also HATE mustard.

77. I can't do most spicy foods, but I try to, for my hubby, who loves them. If we get Thai food, I stick with something mild though.

78. Peas are my favorite vegetable.

79. This is the scariest thing I have ever done.

80. I have never seen the Star Wars trilogies in full. I always fall asleep during them.

81. I'm bad with names, but I remember faces.

82. I am a total memorizer. I have my driver's license number, my telephone number from my childhood home in CT, my credit card number, expiration date and security code all memorized.
I have a bunch of other numbers memorized too....just wanted to share a few though.

83. I am a visual learner.

84. I only got A's and B's in school, except for my junior year, when I got a D in geometry. See, I told you, I am horrible at math.

84. I had always hated, HATED history, until I went away to school at Huntington College, now Huntington University. My history professor, Mr. Brautigum, rocked. And I enjoyed his class so much.

85. When I went away to school in Indiana, I didn't know anyone there, I hadn't even been to Indiana before. It was one of the best experiences of my life!!!!

86. Burger King French Fries are my favorite. I don't like McDonald's fries. (I write about food a lot on my 100 things, huh?) I love to eat, what can I say?

87. I would love to have a huge colonial style house someday, with a huge yard and a white picket fence.

88. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to live in Long Island, New York.

89. New York city is my favorite city.

90. I really want my kids to attend the really nice k-12 private Christian school out here, but I don't think we'd ever be able to afford it.

91. I want to go to Uganda someday on a mission trip...actually I WILL go there someday.

92. I am going to have my kids go on mission trips as teenagers. I think they are very important!

93. I sing, "You Are My Sunshine", to my daughter at night, before she goes to bed.
I have done it since she was a baby.

94. I would love to own a horse someday.

95. I collect quotes. I have kept notebooks of my favorite quotes, since I was in high school.

96. I took a semester of ASL, and loved it. I wish I had taken even more semesters of it.

97. I have the movie, Aladdin, memorized.

98. When my kids scream and cry in the car, I can tune them out. When they scream and cry in the house, it drives me bonkers.

99. I love the smell of winter. Yes, winter has a smell.

100. Periwinkle is my favorite crayola crayon. It has been since I was 5 years old.