Thursday, August 30

Thankful Thursday

Wow, you guys, it's been a great week so far. The day care kids have been a lot mellower, the week has been going fast and we have a three day weekend coming up.

I am thankful today for such a variety of things:
- Subway Subs, which have been my craving this pregnancy...and they are soooo good.
- Caffeine free Pepsi, another treat.
- My friend, Andrea, who sent me a box of Fairytale Brownies as a special treat because she knew I had had a tough month or so. And oh my goodness they are SOOO YUMMY!
- Tuesday's In Other Words quote that really, really spoke to me.
- Getting to learn today about the humanitarian crisis in Burma as well as about nobel peace prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, whose efforts for peace have been thwarted due to the military regime keeping her imprisoned. Want to know about Burma?
I will write a blog post about it soon.
- Keeping in touch with Invisible Children people, has given me another opportunity to help out. The Mountain West Road Crew team that I helped plan a screening for last year, is on the road again beginning this September. They drive around in a van and this time they are coming out for their schools to schools program. They will be speaking to many schools in the area and rely on people like me for a place to stay, shower, eat. They will be here the last weekend in September, and I have offered my home for them. My couch pulls out into a sleeper. All I need to do is find an inexpensive sofa sleeper mattress if I can. There are two 20 something girls and a 20 something guy, who was on the team last year. So the gals can have the bed. And the guy can sleep anywhere right? That's what guys do. SO, I am so thankful to get to help out again. Because I am so passionate about Invisible Children and all of their efforts.
- And focusing on the condition in places like Uganda and Burma make me realize how truly blessed I am to live where I have a home, to have three meals a day, to have medicine, to have a car, to for the most part, compared to their lives, have safety. I am so thankful.
- I am also thankful for all of those who have been praying for me and the hubby and the job situation. I know God has something wonderful in store and your prayers are such a blessing.

Happy Thursday Everyone.