Sunday, August 19

Tiny Baby Flip Flops

The miss, my almost four year old daughter, is obsessed with flip flops. I think it's because I pretty much wear them all the time. And one day we were at the store and she told me that she wanted flip flops like mommy. So she has a couple pairs of flip flops.
Last night, we were talking about the baby. I asked her if she wanted to watch the baby come out of my tummy when it was time. And her face lit up and she shouted, "yes".
She then mentioned that Kate, my best friend and photographer, would be here and would take pictures of the baby. I was impressed that she remembered that Kate was here when I delivered my son. But I guess she can't forget that Kate takes pictures, since everytime she visits, she takes tons of pictures of my family.
She then mentioned that the baby will have tiny baby feet and tiny toes and that "she'll", she is determined that I am having a girl, wear tiny baby flip flops.
Yep, she wants us to buy the baby flip flops to wear after being born.