Friday, August 17

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday. It was a busy week. I finished up my Photoshop class and started another one. I have 4 chapters to read over the next 2 days and an assignment due today and tomorrow, but I am so excited, because I am going to learn flash and dreamweaver and some more web design stuff. YAY!

Oh, and last night, I finished my third blog design for Kristen at Diary of a Shoe Addict. So you'll have to check it out.

And I have started on my next one, which I know I will have so much fun with.

I have an extra day care kid well...just today, yesterday and next week. It is the older sister of the 4 year old I watch. I believe she is 6 or 7. I was worried that it would be harder, because she doesn't nap...and bickers with her younger brother. But actually, she has been making things around here easier. For instance, right now, she is in my daughter's bedroom...helping her clean it up. She saw how messy it was, told the miss that she should keep her room clean and got her to start picking it up with her. She is also good at helping me keep an eye on the kids when I run to the bathroom or something. Maybe I should hire her. LOL

Well, that's it for now. Nap time is officially over. All the kids are awake, so my break has ended.

Hopefully now that my horribly time consuming Photoshop class is over, I will be able to blog everyday now, like I used to. I really have missed it. I hope all of you have a wonderful FRIDAY!