Monday, August 27

My Weekend

On Saturday night, we took the kids to a shopping center up north a bit that has been hosting family fun nights for the past 9 weeks. Too bad we just found out about it on its last night. It was pretty neat. There was a free bouncy slide, free cotton candy, free balloons and face painting and then a free movie that they showed outside on a big screen. Saturday night's movie was Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and we didn't think it would keep the miss' attention, so we didn't stay for the movie. But in the past weeks, they showed various animated movies, so that would have been fun.
We weren't there for very long because we got there close to closing time, but the miss still had a blast. The mister enjoyed it too. He loved kicking his little feet in the umbrella stroller and watching everyone. He is a people watcher like his mommy.

Here's the miss hugging Maggie Moo

We didn't get to stay for long, because we got there late and the miss was NOT ready to go back home. She asked to go into a store, so we hit up Pottery Barn Kids. She loooooved the store. She enjoyed playing with some of the toys and puzzles that they had out. And the mister fell in love with a really neat rocking horse. HE LOVED IT! Too bad it's $100...Are you kidding?!?!?!?

Let's see, what else?!?!
Oh, I successfully made some curtains for the miss' room. It was my first attempt at curtains, and I think it went well. There will be a picture at some point, once her room is presentable.

Oh and the miss has a favorite dress of the moment.

She loves it! Oh and that's her Cenquin that she is holding. Yes, a cenguin, which she says starts with a puh puh P, Cenguin. :o)