Thursday, November 16

Theatrical Thursday Thirteen

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Here are 13 roles that I have either had or would like to have someday.

1. The bunny who didn't want to bunny who wouldn't hop (my first play ever in first grade).

2. Rosie in Really Rosie

3. Tootie in Meet Me in St. Louis. That was actually a fun role. Although upset to be cast as the little girl my senior year in the high school play, she was a fun character.

4. Amaryllis in The Music Man. Again given the role of a kid in my High School production. I think it had to do with the fact that I am tiny.

5. Sandy in Grease. The role I for some reason always wanted to have. I had a blast doing it and worked with a great cast. A few of them have gone on to do so much more. One is doing Mama Mia on Broadway. Another has been in a couple of movies. And one gal has a couple of hit dance singles.

6. Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof. I actually didn't audition for this show. The gal who had that part, had to leave a few weeks before production. So, I was called, asked to do it and told that I had three weeks to prepare. I LOOVED playing Hodel though. It was a fun show.

7. Harem Girl in Sideshow

8. One of the fifty bagillion children in The King And I

9. Okay, if they ever come out with a musical version of Moulin Rouge, I would love to play Satine.

10. I have always wanted to play the part of Beth in Little Women.

11. Belle in Beauty and The Beast..on Broadway of course, would be a fun role.

12. And I would love to be Emma in Jekyll and Hyde

13. Finally, I think the narrator role in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat would be super fun!