Friday, November 17

God's Thumbprints

For this week's Shape of my faith, we are to talk about God's thumbprints in our lives. What are those you ask? Well, here's the assignment....

We all have them. Whether it's a lost and found again stuffed bear, miraculous provision in the midst of circumstances, a calling, or even a definite pulling of strings by Him on your behalf you have something if you look hard enough. Some of us love to watch for those sorts of things (I do, in fact I even have a website just for my collection ) others have to try hard to recognize that there are divine moments that aren't just coincidences. You may have tons or just a few. We don't need the whole story or even all of them. I m hoping that each of you will take a moment, whether you write it or not, and remember at least one time when He did something wonderful, just for you.

In our house we call them God's thumb-prints or everyday miracles, others call them jewels, God hugs, miracles, God things. Whatever you call them, please share at least one and recognize that God does not often call us to hide them (though occasionally He does–as He once told a healed man to go follow the rules and show the priests instead of shouting it from a mountain top.) Often He will use them to bless others, to remind other Christians of His blessing and that He still does miracles today.

So, here goes.....

I have many, many examples of God's touches in my life. But the one that stands out the most to me occurred about two years ago. During this time, things in my marriage weren't good. I was dealing with a lot and I was confused as to how to handle it. My hubby was also overseas in Korea for the Air Force and I was worn out working full time and caring for our then one year old daughter. There was a wonderful gal in my life, Jeanne. I looked up to this woman like crazy. She was such a woman of God and she did in home daycare and watched my precious daughter for me. I liked chit chatting with her some nights when I'd pick up the miss, but since she had a family of her own and dinner cooking, we didn't talk often.

There was one particular evening after work, when I was just very distraught. I tried to hide it from others as much as possible. But things were very very VERY hard. She saw it. She knew I was down and heavy-laden. She knew a little bit about the problems DH and I were having at that point in time and a little bit about some of the struggles I was dealing with. She asked to pray for me. She asked if I would sit with her, let her hold my hands and let her pray for me.

Now, I have never been great at prayer. I long to be that person that has God right there with them as their best friend. That person that is constantly talking to God. That person, who when they pray things happen. But, I don't make the time for Him like I should. That is something that has been a recurring theme in many of my blog posts lately. Anyway, I had never really had someone hold onto me and pray for me before. At first I was a little uncomfy. But then she began to speak.

I knew that the words coming out of her mouth were from God. She again, only knew bits and pieces of my situation, but when she spoke, it was as if she knew every thought of mine. It was as if she had been walking with me for my entire journey over the past year or so. The tears streamed down as she prayed. And Jeanne held onto me and prayed for I'd have to say about twenty minutes.

What stuck out the most to me was the fact that near the end of her prayer, this TREMENDOUS peace rushed over me. It overtook me. It was as if all the pain, hurt, confusion that I had been feeling just a half hour ago, all of it was gone. It was incredible. I was just at peace. I left her house with this feeling that I had nothing to anguish over. God was with me. God was holding me. And God would make it all okay.

And that, my friend, I'd have to say was more than a thumbprint. That was an embrace. And it was amazing.