Wednesday, November 29

"Look, I made snowflakes!"

So, it's been snowing all day today and the miss has been begging to play in it. It is waaay too cold however. It is supposed to feel like it is 9 degrees or so.

Anyway, I put the miss down for her nap this afternoon. Because her mommy and daddy have been lazy, the box that her train table came in is still in her room. In that box, a giant piece of styrofoam. She had been up in her room for about an hour and was quiet, but I started to hear her talking to herself. I decided to let her get up and play with the four-year old day care kiddo who was awake. When I went into her room, I couldn't believe the mess.

That large piece of styrofoam had been turned into a million little pieces and it was everywhere. The bulk of it was in her bed and all over her. She let me know that she made snowflakes. I don't know if you have tried to clean up styrofoam before or not, but it sticks to everything. Getting it all off of her was a nightmare.

Here she is....
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