Thursday, November 2

The Shape Of My Faith - Experiences

This week I am to talk about my life experiences. Here is our assignment....
What life experiences have you had that God might use to grow others-if you are willing for them to be used, which can be uncomfortable, especially when there is sin involved. Some of your experiences may yet be too personal or involve others who are not ready to have you share. That's okay. If you have struggled with a sin He can use it. If you were on the receiving end of someone else's sin, He can use it. If you are still in the midst of a suffering season, He will use it in his time. He will use them eventually or in situations where that will not be a problem. The thing is to keep them in mind so that in the future if He presents an opportunity for you to minister to others through it you are ready. Also consider your training as well as hobbies. If you have been trained to do something He can use it as well.

Well, I definitely have experiences that I can use to grow others. I think with some of them, I could use them in working with youth. I feel that I had a lot to deal with in my family growing up. Emotionally, home was a tough place for me during my teen years. So, I think I could share stories from that time in my life with today's teens and use it to glorify God and help them in their own walks with God.

My marriage has also had challenges. DH and I are on our way up now. At one point, it had been pretty bad. We both had a lot we had to work on together. And honestly, without God, if we had followed the world's ways, we may have even gotten divorced. It's horrible to say, but honestly that seems to be the trend nowadyas. It seems as soon as someone isn't happy, they bail. But God has really REALLY been working on our marriage and on each of us individually. I know that currently our testimony with our marriage is still being written. I am excited for the day when I can use the experiences we have had in our marriage to minister to others or to help those who may be dealing with similar issues.

As far as training, I've got experience working with kids in a day care setting. I run a day care out of my home. I also worked at one for a couple of years during high school.

I have 7 years experience working for various Title Companies.

I am trained vocally. Although it has been a few years since I have REALLY used my voice. So, I know it is a little rusty. But I took vocal training for about 11 years.

I have training in things like CPR, medical administration and First Aid.

I have taken a few child and adolescent development classes.

Oh, and I took piano lessons for about 5 years....although, again I am a bit rusty. And I took tap and ballet for six years.

As far as my hobbies, I of course love to sing. I also enjoy scrapbooking, blogging :o), getting involved in organizations that help children, and baking.

So there you have it. :o)