Tuesday, September 30

Oh, How Time has Flown

It has been over a week since my last post. I can not tell you how many times I wanted to stop what I was doing and share a story or a photo, but last week was a CRAZY week.

We had a sicko in our house, in the form of a pale, lethargic, feverish two-year-old. He ran a fever around 103 for 5 days. He went to his doctor who wasn't sure what was going in. She looked at his ears, said that one looked a little red and may turn into an ear infection soon. She couldn't explain the horrible stomach pains he had had a few nights back and thought perhaps we should test his urine for a UTI.

The "pee bag" didn't work, so I spent an afternoon following the naked boy around the house with a urine cup. I never succeeded in filling it. That night, his fever spiked at 103.5, and I thought perhaps the ER was needed, maybe a catheter.

Off we went to the ER, where we were told he had a bulging, horrible ear infection. Once he was on his meds for 48 hours, his fever went down. The next day, he was smiling again.

We dealt with sleepless nights and a very sick child for almost a week. And I was very, VERY sleep-deprived. But all is better now.

Let's see, I took the miss (4 1/2) for a hair cut for school picture day, last Friday. I just wanted a trim and her bangs trimmed. But my miss has cut her own hair a few times now. The hairdresser suggested evening everything out and cutting more off than just a little trim would do. I agreed, but never realized that it would be soooo short. Her little bob suits her though, but I miss her long hair.

Baby Boy (6 Mos.) received a brand new swing from Fisher Price. He loves it, LOVES IT!

And to quickly plug the amazing swing, it is the Fisher Price
My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing
. It has the softest, plushest seat. I call it the Hyatt of swings. The seat can also rotate 3 ways. It can play songs and nature sounds and has a fun little tray with toys on it, which he looooooves. He happily spends a good chunk of time in his swing and always looks so comfortable. So, I highly recommend this swing!!!!

Oh, and we set up The miss' new bed. Her room is still pink. We are slowly undergoing a bedroom transformation at her request. Pink Princess theme is changing to Star Wars theme. We need to paint her room here soon. Over at 5 Minutes for Mom, we are giving away a new bedroom set from Home & Bedroom Furniture, the lovely folks who gifted me a new bedroom set for the miss. So head on over and enter the photo contest for your chance to win.

Let's see, I participated in the My Favorite Things Swap. Due to the sicko, really it is a good excuse, I was late in sending out my package to my partner. I did receive the one from her, however, and it ROCKS! I love everything she sent me. But you have to wait to see all the goodies, until she has her box in hand. I will post photos of everything she sent my way.

Oh, oh I have a story to share with all of you, but I will post it a little later, because I am worried that this here post is getting a little too long. So, I'll be back later, I promise!!!

**Thank you Sara, for lending me your camera so that I could take some pictures of the kiddos.**