Wednesday, September 3

1st Day of Pre-K

We were up and at 'em early this morning. I thought I was prepared. I took out everyone's clothes last night, including socks and shoes. I had all of the paperwork for the school paper clipped together and in my purse. Her Epi-Pen was also ready to go.
We had a little bit of a late start this morning and a baby boy who decided to take his sweet old time eating. But, we were still ready to go exactly when I needed us to be.

The miss didn't wear her best outfit and had wet spots from where I quickly cleaned oatmeal off of her shirt. I thought that I did a good job of blow-drying it, but looking at her pictures, her shirt was still wet.

And although we had to quickly run a brush through her hair, my daughter still looked beautiful.

So with the baby boy in one hand, the mister in the other and my bouncy daughter wearing her way too big for her backpack, we headed out the door, only to realize that my keys were not in my purse.

I looked everywhere. They were nowhere to be found. I watched as the time on the clock inched closer to 9:00. I did NOT want to be the mom who drops their child off late for the first day of school.

After turning three rooms upsidedown in under 60 seconds, I decided to call my hubby at work, to see if he had any idea as to where my keys were. It was then that he discovered that he left the house this morning with both sets of keys. He said he would race home. Thankfully, he works about 5 minutes away from our house.

I called the school to give them a heads up. We ended up arriving about 7 minutes late.

She had a wonderful time and is excited to go back again on Friday.

She is getting too big. Tell her to stop growing!

I am bummed by the way the pictures came out...with the shadows and such. Hopefully someday I'll have a nice camera. I am thankful that the camera worked for me today. Some days, it decides not to take any pictures. So, I guess pictures that are just okay are better than none at all, right?