Tuesday, September 9

Chubby Applesauce Cheeks

I am sitting here feeding the baby boy some Gerber Applesauce. He looks so tiny in his huge high chair, as he sits sideways at times, unable to keep his balance.

Most of the spoonfuls end up all over his face, but he doesn't mind. He just giggles and adoringly smiles at me as I bring bite after bite to his mouth.

And I pause at times to stare at him and study take a moment to enjoy this time with the baby boy. I know that in a blink of an eye, he will have outgrown his highchair and will sit in a booster seat at the table. Then before I know it, he'll be climbing out of his booster and running all around the house, refusing to eat his dinner.

And then just a short time later, I will be standing at the doorway, while he plays outside, hollering for him to tell the neighborhood boys goodnight, because it's time to come inside and eat.

Yep, time really will fly by.

But thankfully, I've been given this minute, right here and right now, to enjoy his chunky neck rolls, his toothless, dimpled smile and his chubby applesauce cheeks.

And don't even get me started on his cute, little baby hands.....