Saturday, September 13

Has it Really Been 4 Days?

I can't believe that I haven't posted since Tuesday. Time sure does fly. I have been a busy bee, I guess.

Yesterday, I completely spaced that I had to leave by 8:45 to get the miss to school on time. As I sat at the kitchen table working away, I looked at the clock, saw that it was 8:45 and panicked for a second when I realized that my daughter was definitely going to be late for school. The boys were dressed and ready to go, but the miss and I were still in our pj's. So we quickly rushed around finding clothes, brushing teeth and hair, putting on socks and shoes. We made it out the door fairly quickly. She was only ten minutes late.

It was sprinkling when we left the house. But then when the boys and I headed back to the car after dropping the miss off at her classroom, it was pouring. And I mean POURING. I had a blanket over the car seat, so the bay boy was fine. But the mister and I got soaked. He loved it, laughing the entire way to the car, while making sure to hop in every puddle.

When we came back home, I let the mister paint. It was his first time using his sister's paints. Shhhhhh don't tell. He loved it.

On Thursday we did something special at the Ladies Bible study. Basically the older and very crafty gals taught us younger wannabe crafty gals how to do all sorts of fun things. I learned how to make a rose using ribbon embroidery. It was so easy and so much fun. And I may have to take up ribbon embroidering. Isn't my rose pretty? But, really, for my first time, I was impressed.

Other than the mad dash to school yesterday, watching the mister paint for the first time and my ribbon embroidery, my week was pretty much same ol', same ol'.

I did make some bean bags this morning for the kids. I have quite a few scrap squares of fabric leftover from the last two cuddle quilts that I made. And we had a couple of bags of beans laying around. So, I quickly threw some bean bags together. The kids loved helping me fill them up. And the miss has been playing with them quite a bit this morning.

Also this morning, I spent over an hour finding all sorts of fun, crafty projects online, that I want to try out. So my next post, in a few minutes, will be filled with fun links and ideas.

So stay tuned......................................