Monday, December 4

Ice Princess

Well we took The Miss ice skating last night. She was so excited to take to the ice and had expectations that she could just go out there and skate. What was neat at this rink was they had stacks of what looked like paint buckets...that you could put on the ice in front of you and hold keep your balance. So we started out having her use the buckets. Her favorite part was when I would stand behind her...hunched over her...hands under hers on the bucket also and I'd skate real fast. She could glide along with me and not fall. She laughed so hard.

But soon she began to realize that many were on the ice not using the buckets. She started to have a fit and push the bucket away from her. She wanted to skate by herself. I told her I wanted to hold her hand, but she pushed them away and said.."no hands, mommy." Of course, she started to fall, so I grabbed her. She is such an independent one. I tried to get her to skate with me holding my hands, but she wouldn't do it. Then she fell down a little bit and her hands touched the cold ice. She didn't like that one bit and decided that it was okay to use the buckets again. All in all, she did a great job and had a blast. She was so stinking cute on the ice. DH only was able to get a couple of pictures. He was up in the stands with the fussy mister.

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