Saturday, March 15

Singing Through The Pain

My friend just sent this to me...and I think I may just have to give this a try!!!!!!
Here’s what the site said..
"Singing or toning during labor contractions is a wonderful coping technique for labor pain. Vocalization through singing or toning creates a vibration throughout the body that can assist the muscles and ligaments to relax. Singing and toning also facilitates full deep breathing which brings fresh oxygen to the mother and baby. Vocalizing can also relax the jaw which correspondingly relaxes the pelvis. Singing or toning also has emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits promoting mind-body integration, centering, and focus."

Also, I was thinking last night, that one of the first places I tense up, is in my mouth. I clench my jaw. I do it constantly. In fact, a lot of times, when I do that, I have to focus on placing my tongue on the roof of my mouth, so I can't clench my jaw as tightly.
And I know, when in labor, I will clench my jaw, and that will make my contractions worse.
But if I sing, well, it will be impossible to clench my jaw.

Singing has always relaxed was my escape when I dealt with very emotional things, with my family, growing up. Oh, and what a gorgeous voice this gal has.