Wednesday, March 19

Idol Top 11 Review

These are going to be out of order, sorry. I had to work tonight. I got to see 3 performances while on my break, and the rest were watched via youtube, with some videos having poor quality.
But here goes...
First of all, I found most of the performances to just be bland, really. It was a boring night. And is the theme going to change next week??? PLEASE!!!


Amanda O. - Back in the USSR.
I am really not a fan of this performance at all. And I think I am bored with her.

Kristy Lee Cook - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away -
Oh the poor dear is so pitchy.
Her eye makeup is so pretty though and she has such gorgeous teeth.
I don't think she has a strong enough voice to make it much further in the competition, sadly.

Michael Johns - A Day In The Life-
I really do like his tone and I think this was a great performance!!!

Ramiele - I Should've Known Better
Okay, She is having pitch problems and I am having a difficult time getting into the performance. But the end of her song was very good.

David A. - Long and Winding Road
I have never been a fan of this particular Beatles song, but he did a great job with it.

Brooke White - Here Comes The Sun
She is so cute! Can't you just see her as a mommy, singing this song to her child, while rocking the little tike to sleep?
This isn't my favorite performance of hers, but it was still sooo great. I am definitely a big fan of hers.

David Cook - Day Tripper
Okay, he's got such a great voice, and he did such a great job. And that was a cool effect thing he did, btw.

Carly S. - Blackbird
Awwww Sighhhhh! This is my favorite Beatles song, mainly because of the lyrics. I LOOOOVE this song. I love Sarah Mclachlan's version of it too, by the way, from the I Am Sam soundtrack. I loved the key change she did in the middle of the song. And I love how she changed it up at the end. I'll say it again, and probably every week, this girl is a pro! And I love how she put Simon in his place!!!

Jason Castro- Michelle
Okay, I really think it would benefit him greatly to work on his breathing. He needs to start doing major breathing exercises. It would really help to give him a richer sound. His notes aren't supported well at all. And there he goes singing, hugh, again.
This performance was blah to me.

Sayesha- Yesterday
Okay, I am not sure if I like the key she chose to sing it in. Her voice almost seems too heavy for this song, if that makes any sense.
It was pretty, and she did a good job, but I think it would have sounded better in a lower key.

Chikezie- So when he started, I wasn't getting into it at all. I found him to not really be the ballady type. But then he ripped out the harmonica and got all into it and rocking it and it was a great performance.

My Favorite of the night, David Cook and Carly S.

Bottom 3 - Amanda, Kristy and Ramiele