Saturday, March 8

Has it really been 4 days?

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since Tuesday. Well, actually, given how busy I have been, I can believe it. But I used to blog every day, faithfully. I used to think of a million things to blog about each day.
Lately, though, what has been on my mind, are all the things I want to get done before the new little baby comes. I will be 38 weeks on Tuesday, so it isn't much longer now.
I have fit in doctor and dentist appointments for the kids during the week, and have fit in much needed errands in between nap schedules. I have also been cleaning and organizing like crazy. Oh, and not to mention, I have been soooooo tired!!!

I am going to have a homebirth, and I am one of those people that don't want other people in my home, if it's a sty. So, I have been trying to really stay on top of the cleaning. Right now, my bedroom is the only room that is really in need of serious cleaning, so that is my project for tomorrow, or maybe Monday.
I just know myself, and I know that if my kitchen has dishes piled up and there is a mess everywhere, I won't be able to relax while in labor. I'd probably be ordering someone to clean up the mess.
But who knows, maybe I won't even care at all. I may be too preoccupied with labor to care.

All the baby clothes are washed and put away. We just put together the mister's toddler bed, that is now in his room next to the crib. I don't know yet when he'll officially use it, but it's there. Right now, he has been having fun jumping on it.

I have all of my homebirth supplies organized together, including the pool that I will be having him in.

So, now we are just waiting for the baby to decide it's time to come on out.

My other two were late. My miss was 2 weeks late and had to be induced, and my son was 4 days late. But I have talked to the baby and he knows that he is to come early. And I am not even asking for THAT early, just Easter weekend, so like 3-4
days early. I don't think that is asking too much.
So we'll see if he obeys mommy, or not.
If he is anything like his siblings, then he won't obey me. ;o)

I do need to take a picture of my miss tomorrow. She had gotten a pair of kid scissors a couple of months ago. And she has been so good with them, that sometimes, while the mister is napping, I let her sit at the table and do crafts, while I get some cleaning done. I take out glue, paper, glitter, feathers, all sorts of fun things. Well the other day, I let her use her scissors too. And, well, she cut her bangs and she did a number on them.
I know that every kid does that, and thankfully we didn't have any photo shoots planned. And thankfully, she didn't do more than the bangs.
But my oh my, it sure is pretty.

Ya know, I never did cut my hair as a child. See, I was too smart for that. I didn't want to have my hair look funny. Instead, in first grade, I got in trouble for cutting the hair of the girl sitting in front of me. And I cut quite a bit of it.
I am sure her mom just loved me.

So, a picture of the hair will be posted soon, I promise.

And, the Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes For Mom started up on Friday, so I need to get some festive fun happening on my blog and write my party post.

I am such a slacker.

So watch for that too. Hopefully I can get it done before the party ends on the 14th.

Well, I am out of things to write about for now.
Have a great weekend.