Saturday, October 20

Quilting Thursday

Well, I hung out at Tiff's on Thursday to work on a quilt I am making for the miss for her birthday.
This quilt I have pretty much done on my own and I have messed it up in a few places, but oh well, right.
Here's the top of it so far....I didn't make the tinkerbell border wide enough, I discovered, so I am not sure yet what I will do about that, whether I rip it out and sew a larger piece on all over again, or if I will add more to it, but any ol' way....

The mister had fun practicing to be a big brother, with Tiff's youngest baby.

He did really well with him, until he conked him over the head a few times with a marker.

My mister throws tantrums a lot. He likes to get his way, as do most kiddos. Usually, he will throw himself down wherever he is and bang his head against the floor as he screams. One point at Tiff's house, he had a tantrum while playing with some pots and pans, so he flung his head into the pan and screamed bloody murder. So what did mama do? Well, I took a picture of course.

And yes, I know, brown shoes don't really go with his outfit. If you'd like to send me a pair that you think would be better, I can give you my address. :o)
Well, we are off this afternoon to a friend's birthday party. I will be sure to take some pictures.
See you then.