Wednesday, October 10

The Mister's First Hair Cut

Well, I took the mister to get his first hair cut today. I would do it myself, but I destroy hair, I do. When I tried to cut the miss' hair around 16 or so months, I gave her a mullet, seriously. The first time I cut my hubby's hair, with clippers, I messed it up so badly, he had his best friend help him shave his whole head. That was not a pretty sight. So, I leave hair cuts to the professionals.

I was a little bummed, because I thought he would get to sit in the cool race car, for his first cut, but no such luck. They plopped him down on a little booster on top of a regular salon chair, where I had to keep one hand on him the whole time to ensure that he didn't fall off.

He was a little concerned at first and reached out for me to hold him. But then the nice lady stuck a dum dum in his hand, and he was fine. That was his first sucker too.
He did really well with it and LOOOOVED it.

He really enjoyed the clippers, leaned his head into them and zoned off for awhile. Maybe if we are having a rough night at home with him, we should break out the hubby's clippers. I mean that boy was relaxed, you should have seen it.

Okay, lady, are you sure you know what you are doing?

And they even gave us this cool thing that will definitely go in his scrapbook someday, when I sit down and actually do it.
I did color over his name on this particular image for the purpose of posting it on the blog.

Oh and while we are posting's the mister sitting at the table yesterday eating his breakfast. Gone is the high chair. Hello booster seat.
And he does a great job at feeding himself when using a spoon.

So, this is what I am getting the miss for her birthday. It is a wooden princess castle doll house. It opens up to almost 3 feet wide.

And if we were really rich and had tons of money to blow on a bed, she'd get this....

It's pretty cool, isn't it. But, there is no way I am spending $700 on that!
Oh well.

Oh and then my friends who have experienced the cabinet in my home which I have named...the cabinet where everything falls on you, will appreciate this picture.

It is now organized. And all of the craft supplies, paint and things that used to be piled up in there and would knock you in the head, upon opening the cabinet, are now in that plastic bin. However, I will eventually organize them into many separate bins, with paint in one, glitter in another and so forth. But for now, the things I most commonly use during craft time with the miss are in that box.
I know that Sara will appreciate that picture.
Okay, I am off to put some laundry away.