Tuesday, October 2

No More Day Care

Well, it's Tuesday and I have been free from doing day care in my home since yesterday. I have been enjoying it. Yesterday morning, I took the kiddos to the library, which may be our weekly Monday excursion. The mister was bored there, because he didn't want to be in his stroller....he wanted to be crawling around. So, I let him crawl for a bit, but when he decided to just take off, I placed him back into his stroller. The miss was excited to pick out books, until she saw another little girl playing with the lego table. She quickly joined her and together they made a big castle. So, I picked out books for both kids, in a bit of a hurry, since the mister was fussing and we headed back home.
We got play time in together. We went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood where the miss picked fall leaves, pine cones and flowers to take home, and I got one
room thoroughly cleaned while the kiddos napped. I decided to focus on one project a day. Today, my goal is to fold all of the laundry and maybe put a big chunk of it away. We'll see how it goes.
I have finally gotten my energy back. I am in my second trimester, and already I am noticing a difference. I am not tired anymore. It could also be due to the fact that I don't have 6 kids running around my house anymore.

Today I went and got the rest of the fabric for the miss' quilt that I'd like to finish for her birthday, that is a month away. If I work on it everyday, I should be fine. And we ran to the grocery store for some diapers.

The miss and I read Horton Hears a Who after lunch and now both kids are in their rooms for nap time. Once they awake, we will have afternoon snack and craft time.

During craft time yesterday, the kiddos made a fall wreath out of paper leaves that we are sending off to GG and Papa. We sent a little craft off to my mother-in-law yesterday, and so today we will make something for my parents. They seem to have fun with it. The mister loves to color.

We may also try to go on another walk today, but it may be a bit shorter than yesterday's, because I have to work tonight. I am working tomorrow night as well, but that isn't too bad.

The hubby works right down the street from the house, so he comes home for lunch each day, which is so nice and the kids get so excited when he walks through the door.

So, things are good. :O)

I also need to finish making a blog design for a gal. I have been working on it for way too long now. She is pregnant too and was also very tired during her first trimester, so hopefully she understands why I have been taking so long. And now that I am back to my energized self, I will get cracking on her blog.

Well, tomorrow I'll post some pictures and tell you the crazy work story from last week at the hotel. Talk to you then.