Thursday, October 25

Letters to the grandparents, G.G., Papa and Tara

So, there was a link a couple of week's ago on Tiff's blog that talked about reading enrichment and getting your preschooler ready. The site suggested that you write letters with your child, to family members. They tell you what to write and then they watch you as you write it. You then read it back to them.
So, I try to have the miss and I write some letters every few days or so.
I am going to start a segment on my blog called...Letters to grandparents, G.G., Papa and Tara, and I will type up her most recent letter as a post, because they are cute. I do write the letters as she says it, so if some of it sounds funny, that's why. She is only almost 4 years old.

So, here's the letter that she wrote on October 1st...
Today I ate a yellow gumball. I like it.
We talk about Jesus. God is with parents in the Lord.
There are animals that live in a boat.They stay still and it's raining on the boat. And God made a rainbow. It has blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and red.
I water plants myself. My plant can't grow a flower anymore, it's dead. It needs more water. We need a watering can for it.
God make a rainbow and God made the big boat.
A fairy is going to take grandma to the clouds, and Jesus say hi to her.
And then the fairy takes her back home. And her come to my house and she make a mess and the three little bears came and the daddy bear yelled at my grandma. She made a mess out of the oatmeal. And I tell the bears to say sorry to my grandma. I want grandma and Tara to come to my house to play a long and long time. And we have pizza for dinner.
The Miss

Here is what the miss wrote on Saturday....
Today I go to dance class. I am going to dance and dance. I love Tara and my grandma very much. I love Lydia, Durin, Levi, Kate, my brother and my daddy very much.
I go to Chuckee Cheese's for my birthday.
I love my butterfly my mommy made for me. I want to give it to G.G. and Papa. They are going to love it. And I give them hearts. Hearts for them. Bella is my best friend. She is in my dance class. I am going to give my butterfly to Bella. I'll put it in my purse to take it to her.
I am going to eat a unicorn cake for my unicorn birthday. It will have cherries, bananas and blueberries in it. And then I am going to play ball outside.
Today, I put my dress on myself.
I am going to my friend's birthday party. It has fairies. And I am going to eat cake and ice cream. Bye

And here is today's letter. I caught her as she was playing, so she wanted to get back to her room. So it's pretty short.
Today, I am making soup in my room and I need to roll it with the rolling pin. I played with my brother in my room, and he kept climbing on my table. And I just cleaned it, because it had germs on it. Mommy took my brother out of my room. THANK YOU! He was touching my choo-choo trains and I just cleaned them.
I'm pretending that there's a TV in my room, and I'm watching it. I'm going to my room now. Okay, bye!!