Monday, October 29

My next craft project

So I recently finished a quilt for the miss for her 4th birthday, as one of her presents. She has been looking forward to it. I'll post a picture this week.
I have leftover tinkerbell fabric and am going to make her a dust ruffle for her sewing the material to a fitted sheet and making pleats in the fabric as I sew.
Then, she is going to need a comforter for her bed, since her quilt won't actually cover her bed. We currently have a dark purple one, that won't go at all, so I found instructions for a simple sewing project using 2 flat sheets. I use the sheets to make a duvet cover that I stuff our existing comforter into. And if I shop sale items, I can make it for relatively cheap. And definitely cheaper than the cost of a new comforter. I think I will make it a fuchsia color on top, to match the fuchsia in her quilt and in some of the pattern of her tinkerbell fabric. I'm excited. It seems very easy to make and I know it will save money. Here's the Link to the instructions, if you are interested