Sunday, October 7

Quick Update

Sorry again, that I didn't post a Psalms Sunday today. I will do it tomorrow. I had a bit of a distraction today, and now, honestly, I'm just too tired to dive into a Psalms Sunday post.
Well, last night after work, around 11:00 P.M. I noticed I had been bleeding and this morning I was still bleeding, so I called my midwife. It wasn't a lot of blood and I didn't have any cramping or back pain, so honestly I wasn't too worried, but I was a little concerned. I never bled with my other pregnancies, at least not this late in the pregnancy.

I did see online that it can be common and most of the time it isn't a problem. There were several possibilities for why the bleeding was occurring. She felt it would be best to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby and the placenta were okay.

We are fine. Everything looked great. The baby is very healthy and active. The heart rate was great. My blood pressure was good. The placenta looked good. So we think it was just cervical bleeding, which can be common in pregnancy. Obviously, if it continues, we can check into it more. But for now, I really feel like everything is okay.

And although I am only around 16 weeks, the "parts" are there and visible and sometimes you can or can not see them this early. But, our little guy sat there spread eagle showing his boy parts for the world to see. So, yes, I am having a boy. Well, we are 90% sure.

I will of course have a diagnostic ultrasound done at 22 weeks, where we will be able to confirm. But honestly, I don't think there's any mistaking it. She even centered in on the parts and checked to see if it was cord, by having it show the blue and red blood..those who have had ultrasounds know what I am talking about, and well, it wasn't cord.

So, the mister will have a little playmate close to his age.
Any ol' way...I just wanted to share. I have lots of ultrasound pics that I'll scan in at some point and share with you all. They are small though, so I am not sure how good they will turn out, but we'll see.

I am just so thankful everything is okay and the baby is doing well. It's always so nice getting to see the baby. Ultrasounds sure are fun.

I did take a couple of pictures of the miss at her dance class yesterday. I promised GG that I would post them.

That cute little gal next to the miss introduced the miss to her daddy as her good friend. The miss told me it was her best friend at dance class. And after class we met up with the cute gal and her mother and both girls told each other what their names were. They were good friends who had no clue what each other's names were. LOL They were cute.

They only leave the blinds on the window open on the first class of each month. So here's the miss saying a quick hello. And notice her friend right next to her. I realized that in each picture from class, that cute little gal is right by her side.

That's really all I was able to get for pictures. The miss likes to do goofy poses now...which make for some interesting pictures... like this for instance.

or this...

These were taken a few months back with one of the older day care kids I watched this summer for a couple of weeks. Do you love the dusty keyboard? I need to start playing that thing again.

I think she looks like her Aunt in that last picture.

Anyway, I am going to call it a night. I've been taking it easy today, understandably, and I think I want to continue my laziness for a bit longer, before going to bed for the night.

I'll see you tomorrow for Psalms Sunday on Monday. I promise!