Tuesday, November 4

Making Fun #1 - 11/05

Well, I didn't get to post earlier. Today was a busy day. I got a lot of laundry done, but not hung up yet. I was busy with work and had some internet issues. I definitely did NOT make fun #1 today. Although we did get silly a few times, have some tickle fights and we sang and danced.

As promised, here are the fall trees that my kiddos made. The miss (4) had a lot of fun with the craft. The mister (2) enjoyed painting the sticks, the table and his hands.

Now, you'll be surprised, but the tree that looks sort of like a wooden fence, is the miss'. It is actually a Christmas tree. And the mister had fun having me do most of the gluing. He just wanted to paint. :-)

Thankfully I had craft sticks and brown paint on hand. For the leaves, I used leftover yellow fabric.

So I am hoping we can have double the fun tomorrow, courtesy of Family Fun.

First, we'll make some Foliage Friends.
Later, we will play some Tabletop Soccer.

Do you have any ideas for Making Fun #1 today?