Thursday, November 6

Making Fun #1

So yesterday didn't go completely as planned. It was quite a busy work day for me. If you haven't yet, check out 5 Minutes for Mom, we have some EXCITING STUFF going on. Later today I will post all about it.

I was busy getting everything organized, so I failed at Making Fun #1 yesterday. But the kiddos still had plenty of fun. They actually played very well yesterday. For 2 hours, I had on a Kid's XM radio station and we danced to some pretty silly songs. The miss was thrilled when a Weird Al Yankovich song, that was all about Star Wars, came on. You should have seen her.

They even played with rolls of toilet paper for a good hour. They would stack them into huge towers and knock them down. Who needs to buy blocks, when you can just use tp?

Anyway, today for our fun, we are going to rake the leaves outside. It might not be AS much fun for me, but the kids will love it. It will also be the perfect time to pick out some leaves for our fall foliage friends that we were supposed to make yesterday.

How are you making fun #1 today?

Do you want to hear the Star Wars song? Do ya, Do ya??? Press play below. :-)

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