Monday, July 23

Sure Was a Crazy Saturday

Well, folks, what a weekend. Well, really, what a Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, I took a home pregnancy test, because I am pretty late. But ever since having my second child a year ago, my periods have yet to be regular, so I didn't think too too much about it. Or maybe I just ignored the hmmm..I could be pregnant symptoms, because I didn't want to be pregnant. Anyway, I took the test and waited for the negative result that I wanted. But the darn test just laughed at me, as it showed me a plus. Plus meaning pregnant. I did the calculations, from the date of my last period. And I am actually 8 weeks pregnant. 8 WEEKS?!?!!?! Can you believe it? I am still in shock myself. We weren't trying to get pregnant, and I was using birth control, not just well..apparantly.
So, we are excited, but at the same time worried. I mean, we need a bigger vehicle...we are possibly going to try to move back home, well it's definitely a life change. But it is such a blessing, isn't it?!?!?!

Then Saturday night was crazy too.
The paramedics came to our house Saturday night. It was pretty crazy.

First some background info:

The miss took a small bite of a chocolate chip pecan cookie several months ago and cried that it hurt her tongue. I thought maybe she bit her tongue or something.

In Arizona, the miss had a bite of a Mexican Wedding Cookie and was immediately in tears that it was hurting her tongue. We believe it had walnuts in it.

Saturday night, I gave the miss a huge pecan that was in a salad I was eating. She had a big bite of it, and her whole demeanor changed. She said that her tongue hurt and her tummy hurt and she walked upstairs and put herself to bed. She never voluntarliy goes to bed. I gave her some benadryl, becuase I remembered the other instances and figured she was having an allergic reaction. I started working on a homework assignment downstairs, and the hubby checked on her. She had a ton of saliva coming out of her mouth in bubbles and her pillow was drenched in saliva and mucous. We had her lay downstairs on the couch next to the computer, where I was working. She then started gagging, sat up and threw up. We googled allergic reactions, lol...because we had never had experience with them. She was having a moderate to severe reaction and there was a possiblility it could get worse, to where shock would we called 911.

She ended up being okay. I have determined that she is allergic to tree nuts...which includes..hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds and so forth. Peanuts are legumes, so that is why she doesn't have a peanut allergy. Tree nuts, however, are found in many things, even sauces, so I'll have to read labels carefully. And, an allergy to tree nuts, puts you at a hugher risk for having anaphylactic shock.

So, she is going to the doctor today, so that I can get her an epi pen, because it was just too scary. And all she had was a bite.

So, was it a crazy Saturday, or what?