Tuesday, July 17


Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged. We got back Sunday night from a week long trip back home to Arizona. I will post some pictures later this week.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed so far this week, but I guess that is normal when you come back from vacation.

My photoshop class started last week, and I am struggling in it. Most people in my class are graphic design students, which means they can draw. We were given a simple assignment, to make an ice cream cone using photoshop...either hand drawn or mouse drawn. And my ice cream cone looked like something a 3 year old did. I had to use the brushes to make it. I was going to turn it in, but then I looked at everyone else's assignments.
They went all out. Their cones were amazing, and were much more than cones. Our big project, is a huge ad campaign for an ice cream company, complete with logos, slogans, ads...things like that. So they all took their incredible work and then turned it into the beginning stages of an ad or a logo. The stuff was incredible. And it made my triangle with a half circle on top look pitiful.
I am feeling very out of my element. And I wish I could draw.

Want to see just how incredible my classmate's work was:

Now, don't even THINK you will see what I did. Just picture what your 3 year old would draw, it looked like that.

My next class, if I survive the photoshop class, is advanced scripting.

Also, we still don't have the padding for our carpet replaced downstairs, our back gate somehow broke while we were gone...a huge slat of wood, is just laying on the side of it....we came back from our trip to discover that ants are starting to take over our front room, and we still have an a/c problem.

We are headed to Home Depot now to resolve that issue. I am tired of it being 89 degrees in here all day long.

Okay, this is such a downer post, I am sorry. I am just sharing what is on my mind at the moment.

I will post another one soon about our trip...It will be a happier post and filled with fun pictures.