Wednesday, July 25

The Music Of My Life

It's Meme Time

So, we all have them, meaningful songs that take us back in time, to different parts of our lives. Let's share some of those songs, shall we.

1. Name a song or songs that remind you of your young childhood...up until age 7:

I have many that fit into this category, so this may take awhile. Most songs that come back to me and bring me back to this time in my life are, all the songs on the Anne Murray children's album, mainly Inchworm and her version of You Are My Sunshine. The album was released onto cd after the miss was born and I bought it for her.

Don Mclean's, American Pie, was also a favorite during this time. My dad and I would belt it out as we drove around in the car.

The Flashdance soundtrack also was a big thing during that time. My mom listened to it a lot, and we'd put on our leg warmers and dance and sing.

I also remember some song that went..."and you and me are free to be you and me." I think it was from a movie or tv special.

2. Okay, what songs bring you back to Junior High?

In Junior High, I was introduced to Amy Grant. So, I'd have to say her song, Baby, Baby reminds me most of Junior High. Not to mention my friend, Amy, has a video of me doing a music video to the song and I also sang it in one of those studios at some carnival where they record it for you. So, that was THE song for me then.

Oh, and I can't forget the famous, Rhythm of Life song, that we sang in the Phoenix Girl's Chorus.

Oh and in the 8th grade musical production I sang a duet with Chris Wo to A Whole New World.

3. Break down all 4 years of high school with songs.

Freshman Year -

The Turkey Song from Saturday Night Live was a biggie.

At the end of the year, my song was, Remember Me This Way, from the movie Casper. It was one of Kate and I's songs from when she was moving away.

I also remember loving Expose's..I'll Never Get Over You.

Oh, Oh, and Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmmm by Crash Test Dummies and Loser by Beck, always put me in the cafeteria with Kate and Travis, each time I hear them.

Sophomore Year

Lisa Loeb's, Stay, was a big hit that year. I loooooved that song!

Everybody Hurts by REM also comes to mind, because it was played over and over again from the jukebox in our cafeteria after 4 students died in a car crash during that year.

Junior Year

I hear any song from Jagged Little Pill, and I think of Kress in his volkswagon bug. Excpet maybe that was Sophomore year, now I am confused.

I was also introduced to Garth Brooks my Junior year thanks to a boy I dated from North Carolina. Really, before then, I hadn't heard much of his stuff. I became an instant fan. So, his songs take me back to that year.

Senior Year

I have a ton of songs that remind me of Senior Year. The first is, The Macarena. And only because in Danceline, we were stuck doing the dang Macarena over and over and over again.

Rockin' Me Baby also brings me back to dancing with the band.

Then of course, Steve and I have a ton of songs that bring me back to our first 6 months of dating during the end of my Senior Year. Basically all of the Reel Big Fish songs from the Turn the Radio Off cd. Then of course, there's Letters To Cleo, Wholesale Meats and Fish, I would walk 500 miles., The song from Jerry maguire, Secret Garden. Oh and I Love You Always Forever, Donna Lewis.

Also, No Doubt songs and Jewel's songs bring me back to 1997.

4. Songs from College

Well, I didn't attend college traditionally. In fact, I am still in school, but I did go away to Huntington from 2001-2002. And I'd have to say, anything from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, places me back laying on blankets on the grass outside of our residence hall with Charity and Dave, listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Oh and I was introduced to Sara Groves that year, and I love her. So her Conversations cd places me back in the HUB watching her concert. It ws great!

5. Your Wedding Songs

Come What May, from Moulin Rouge, was our first dance.

Of course, Canon in D and Jesu Joy were part of the Ceremony.

I Will be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

and From This Moment on is what I sang to Steve.

6. Songs From Holidays

I love Candlelight Carol. I was first introduced to it in the Phoenix Girl's Chorus, but then I found it on a Neil Diamond Christmas album. I love it.

Every Christmas, when I attended Hillside, I sang Breath of Heaven. So, everytime I hear that song, I am brought back to the church and to all of my friends in the pews. I loved singing that song.

And basically Christmas carols remind me of the little Victorian choir I was in and we'd go around caroling throught the holiday season. It was fun.

Okay I tag whoever would like to do this as well as Tiffany, because she loves these things.
Oh, and I made this meme up. :o)