Monday, July 2

The Last Three Days

So, I wanted to share with all ya'll what's gone on over the past few days..complete with this may be a long post. It isn't all that exciting, but I know some of my family members will appreciate the story. Although, the pictures are minimal. I left my camera at home yesterday, which actually would have been THE day for pictures. Oops.

So, on Saturday, I threw my good friend, Tiffany, a baby shower for baby #4. And, it was a successful surprise shower. YAY! I am an Usborne book consultant, and I told her I was having an open house. So, she came with her Usborne catalog in hand, ready to order some books. And she was so clueless...even when some guests arrived after her with presents in their hands. I even handed her a drink in a cup with a baby on it, and she still didn't get it.
So, here she is once I told her that she was here for a surprise shower.

Tiffany doesn't know the sex of her baby, although she is fairly certain she knows what she is having, so I had to find a theme that was unisex. She also loves the color green. So, I found some cute party stuff that was a pea in a pod theme. I thought it was pretty cute. So, my wonderful friend, Sara, helped me make prizes and favors that we think looked more like boats and corn husks. But, oh well. She also made a delicious chocolate strawberry cake. YUM.
Here's our cool Pea-bombs and candle boats...LOL..which really are supposed to be pea pod bath fizzies and pea pod candles. Sara and get quite ditzy whenever we attempt to do crafty things together...and Friday night, while working on the favors, was no exception. We thought we were pretty funny. But my hubby probably thought we were tipsy. LOL.

And here's one last photo of Miss Tiffany with a handmade blanket she received as a gift.

Then later that night, I watched Tiff's kids for her, so she and her hubby could go on a much needed date night. So, needless to say, Saturday fleeewww by.

Then Sunday flew too. Sara invited my family, Tiff's family and our mutual friend, Cari, over to her house for a barbecue / swim party for the kids. All of our kids play together very nicely. It was a lot of fun. The kids spent many hours outback in the pool, and yes, they were supervised. And us adults had some fun playing Wii sports and also Karaokee star. Well, the boys at that point played WoW. But us gals had a blast with it. We didn't leave their house until 8:30 P.M. So, again, it was a day that flew.
And I left my camera at home and didn't get any shots of the kids at play. But they sure had tons of fun!

Today has been super busy. We had our water heater leak last weekend. So last week, we had it replaced. I put a call into the insurance company, because the carpet near the water heater had gotten pretty damp. They will be out tomorrow, but told me to have a mitigation company out this morning. So, I called one up and out they came. I had to shoo the kids upstairs with some play-doh to try to occupy them, while I followed the mitigation dude into the basement, which is also used as the day care playroom. I couldn't believe how much of the carpet was showing up as wet. It was even in our walls and baseboards too. He had to rip out some of the padding, but thankfully, we won't have to replace all of the carpet.

He had to also fill the area with dehumidifiers and other equipment. We have to leave it on 24/7 until they tell us that it is dry. Then they will replace the pad and clean our carpet. It will all be good as new. Of course, it's costing us our $500.00 deductible. YIKES!
And, the kids can't go into the playroom either, because this is what it looks like down there.

So, I've had to improvise and things.
It sure was a crazy afternoon, while the mitigation dude was here. Yes, I call him the mitigation dude. I was downstairs trying to go over everything with him, while the kids upstairs were trying to kill each other over a musical note cookie cutter type playdoh toy. Geez oh Pete.I had to keep running up and down and up and down. Wore me out. I also had to clean out all of the junk that I had let pile up near my washer machine, because the baseboards over there were wet too. So, I was a busy bee...and meanwhile the kids were screaming like crazy.

So far, nap time has gone well. Even with two of them sleeping right behind me. They are usually in the play room sleeping.

I think I need a nap!